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some screenshots from zedd’s performance at lollapalooza

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Harajuku girls of Porter Robinson's Lionhearted

【=◈ ̮ ◈=】

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Anton’s Bday Project

Shavers, as you know Zedd’s 25th birthday is approaching, and we want to do something special for him by all his fans from Mexico and other countries if possible. Our project consists of the following:

- You take photos with a large and legible sign that says “Happy Birthday Zedd” BUT have to take it in a nice place and representative of Cities or States in which you live.

- Photo may be individual or group.

- Once you have taken your photo, must send to our email: deadline to AUGUST 24. Indicating your city, state or Country.

- Later, we’re gonna make a video with all the pictures and post it on social networking and obviously we’ll deliver to Zedd on his birthday.

We look forward to the participation of all, will be a detail for our beloved Anton on his birthday. Any doubt let us know.

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Happy Bunny Day ^^


I want them!

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the lionhearted()[ bigger size on dA ]

porter robinson / transistor crossoverright before the process shoots him in the dicc


the lionhearted()
[ bigger size on dA ]

porter robinson / transistor crossover
right before the process shoots him in the dicc

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